Long Distance Videography

Getting There
Targa Newfoundland starts September 10th, in St. Johns. That’s 4200 miles from Portland.


As Mr. Porsche once said, “These cars should be driven“, so trailering or transporting is not the plan. But taking a week to drive across country – while it sounds attractive – won’t fit within our time-off budget.  fret fret fret  Saved!  Our friends Diana & Eric were available and interested in a (practically) coast-to-coast run, and they’ve already picked up the car and headed out for the Atlantic.

Targa Americana

Telling a story with pictures and words is as old as language. Diana & Eric lay things out with a bit more pizzaz.

Prologue: Seattle To Portland

Sneaky Eric is bringing me a car-part. You can see it in the paper sack amongst their luggage.   Thanks man!

Escape From I-5

The West

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