The Thunderbird 2016

The only constant is change.

All our equipment was slightly different this time. Same model car, but twice as much power. Same brand of tires, but a different size. Same rally computer, but different sensors and magnets. The results were … different, too.    Normally a team is warming up on Saturday, and their scores are better on Sunday.  Didn’t work that way for us; we fell from a close second place Saturday night to a distant fourth place at the end of the rally.  Boo!


Some nice photos, though.  🙂

Here’s our ride, the Bad Dog.

tLatham credit


The cars line up at the start of a typical section. The surface here wasn’t bad – you couldn’t walk on it without slipping, but studded tires bit well.

jFleenor credit
jFleenor credit

Super-dark out in the woods Saturday night, somewhere NE of Carmi.

jFleenor credit

Screen Shot 2016-02-09 at 7.12.06 PM

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