The trophy count…

First place grand touring -lowest score in the grand touring class

First place grand targa masters – lowest grand touring score at this event considering all prior, competing winners.  Offered once every five years.

First place Lucas Oil challenge lowest score across all classes at this event.

Post Targa Gala day

We slept in ’til 9:30 a.m. this morning, a no-alarm wakening that felt both natural and very, very strange. The unrelenting push of Targa week was over.

Part of the strain we felt was self-induced. We were running neck-and-neck with a team all week, tied at zero penalty points day after day. A single second might decide the outcome, so every control on every stage lay poised to wreck our run. The longer we continued the challenge the more the tension grew.

Finally, on Friday, both teams took hard points. And by the end of the day, we’d taken a few less than the other team.  So today is a celebration day.  The gala is in a couple of hours.  Then we head home tomorrow.  We won GT, Grand Master challenge and I think the Lucas Oil Challenge.

Day 4 complete

Finished up today in 1st place. One more day to go.  Leading the Lucas Oil Challenge.  Tough morning tomorrow but the afternoon promises tight technical in town sections, our favorite.
Picture of kings cove and the bridge at keels.

Day 3 complete

We are tied for first place with car 1333. Windows tightened to 3 seconds tomorrow.  Rain is forecast.  AWD is an advantage.  Thursday is when fatigue really sets in.  One car crashed today.  Driver and navigator ok.

Day 2 completed 

We found ourselves in 5th place this morning.   Our records show we zeroed the day.  We had a suspect score of 37 on one stage.  I show zero.  Filled an inquiry to have it checked.  This we got the time of the car behind us.  In any case we performed well today. Will see where we are tomorrow.